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May 2015
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Why we Train

Why we train from Gregg Plitt and Friends – inspirational !

Some fitness tips


Knowledge is power as they say and that is the reason we have put some great tips together to help improve your fitness and get in shape! Many of us now are much more concerned with how we look and are also more aware of how different foods are not so good for us now than perhaps we were only a few years back. Some of the best tips today are as follows:



Sports Kit

Although this sounds very simple it really is quite important to make sure that you have all the right things needed to start the fitness campaign properly, i.e the right footwear, shorts, t-shirts and even down to things like an ipod which seems to be essential to most people training now so that they can listen to their own music as they train.

Avoid a Stitch

A stitch is what happens when you do not have enough blood flow to your organs as you work the muscles that you are training – the key to this is to build up slowly as opposed to starting a full pace when training


Although a treadmill is very good training for people, when a gradient is introduced it does become a lot more like real running and even at 2% does produce much better results!


Whatever type of exercise that you are doing, breathing is of course key and by focusing on this and by controlling this will lead to a much better training session

Positive Thoughts

Exercise is great for producing the feel good hormones in the body and is great for reducing stress and tension in the body and therefore the last thing that one shouold be doing is calling off training becuase they feel a bit stressed out!


After a good session in the gym the sauna can be a great way to clear out lots of impurities from the body relax as well as sweat out lactic acid that can build up during your exercise training regime

Reducing Stress

A Howcast video on reducing stress and stress management

3 Anxiety Relief Tips

Another video from Howcast on reducing stress and anxiety

A History of Massage

massage concepts

Massage therapy has proven to be very beneficial to people around the world for a variety of different ailments and also just to promote an overall feeling of well-being in people. It has been around for thousands of years and references to massage can be shown in many ancient Chinese, Indian, Arab and many other countries writings.

In a recent health survey in the States it was shown that 18 million adults and nearly a million children in the US had used some sort of massage therapy in the year the survey prior to the survey. The main concept of massage is simply the instinct that we have to rub and area of our bodies that is hurting. The actual word massage originates from an arab word ‘massa’h’ which roughly translates as to touch or knead.

The oldest known texts relating to massage were from about 4000 years ago and were Chinese where these texts detailed the application of massage techniques for therapeutic purposes. Over the years massage has really evolved and now there are so many different forms of massage that are commonly practiced such as Chinese, Thai, Swedish, Japanese and also many more.

Not only has massage been shown to be great for people to relax and unwind but it is also widely used now for a very wide range of different ailments including various injuries to even being common for lots of psychological problems such as depression for example.

As much as a lot of people use massage therapy purely as a way to help with certain ailments, some do use it more for pleasure purposes which can be seen with things like sensual london tantric massage for example which originated from India which is also now widely used for its health benefits as well as the more sexual aspect which of course has also made this form of therapy very popular for many people

Booking a London Escort for the Evening


It has to be said that nowadays people do seem to be much more liberal minded when it comes to companionship in London, and whether this is through a dating website online for example, or through the use of an escort agency, the stigma surrounding such methods really isn’t what it used to be. It does seem to be quite acceptable now for those with money to pay for the company of a sexy woman for the evening, whereas years ago this was most definitely frowned upon.

Should be interested in getting the company of blonde london escorts for example then this is exactly the type of thing that you can now easily search through any of the common search engines in order to get what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for busty escorts or blonde London escorts then these sites really do offer it all in terms of choice of women that are available. What a lot of people do when searching through various sites is to use certain review sites which will give other people’s past experiences with particular women, to give them a bit of a heads up on the quality of service that is available.

This is one of the main reasons why when a guy has located a escort agency in London that they can trust and have some good service with in the past, they do tend to stick with them and can trust what the person running the agency recommends with trying new and different girls etc. Depending on the type of venue that you are planning to go to with your companion, some may be better suited than others, i.e choosing a Russian escort with very limited skills of english may not be the best idea if you are attending a business event for example and so it really is horses for courses when decided who you will pick as a companion from the various escorting websites that exist for different London escorts.

Which Type of Massage in London


Massage is well known as a great way to relax and unwind from a stressful job or just general life stresses which come to us all. London does seem to be one of the more stressful cities in the world to live in, and therefore it is quite handy there are so many different forms of massage therapy that are on offer to help relax.

Among the more popular right now would probably be a traditional body to body massage which can either be a sensual form of massage or you can go for the more authentic versions! To get a nice body to body massage rub down if you are using it as a way to help reduce aches and pains as well as other muscle issues then a thai massage can be quite a good option.

If however you would like to get a more erotic form of body to body then you would probably be more looking to some erotic Tantric massage which can be easily found over the internet with a lot of different tantric massage parlours in London offering such services. Although a lot of these massage service providers might profess to be experts in all it is a good idea to choose carefully here and make sure that they really do have  lot of experience in the chosen field.

This is because the difference between a real tantric massage by an experienced and fully trained masseuse really is on another ball park from the same type of treatment given my a masseuse that is just trying to teach themselves or has only had some brief training. One of the best ways to eliminate this problem would be to look at some of the regulating bodies or recommendations on different internet forums for the best people to choose.

One such organisation would be the world association of tantra practitioners for example who be able to give some great advice on this type of thing.